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The first replacement list of the two-year technical department for the 109 academic year

publish date : 2020-08-21
Supplementary list:
Department of Fire Protection
According to the written test scores and qualifications, 1 person will be added:
Zhou Youqi (Admission ticket number: 36053; score is 72.91)

Follow the registration time and method specified in the admission notice and admission notice; and, together with the school's admission notice letter, your national ID card and health insurance card, register at our school before 16:00 on August 22, 109 (Saturday), Those who fail to register within the time limit will be revoked.
Enrollees should enter the freshman information management system for the two-year technical department of the 109 academic year of the bachelor's degree program https://staffairs.cpu.edu.tw/freshman/ to log in to the relevant information, read the freshman admission instructions, and print and fill in Complete 4 forms:
Registration Procedures for Freshmen
Student Admissions Application
Student Enrollment Guarantee
Resume Form of Freshmen for Team 2
Please download the physical examination form of the designated hospital of our school from this page (it is recommended to go to the designated hospital of our school for physical examination immediately, or after registration, the 87 phase 2 team team staff will be taken to the designated hospital of our school for physical examination; if the new physical examination report is due to the time of registration Urgent and unable to hand in at the time of enrollment, the medical examination should be completed at the designated hospital of our school within three days from the registration date. If the medical examination report does not meet the requirements of the enrollment guidelines and physical examination, the admission qualification will be revoked.)
Download the transfer form of the charge for the agent (the original receipt of the transfer form will be paid at the time of registration after payment)
Please enter the journal to the new students to download the relevant forms in A4 size paper, and the relevant documents (pdf files) are attached.
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