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Groundbreaking ceremony of the Central Police University Shooting Center

publish date : 2014-02-18

Central Police University hosted the groundbreaking ceremony of the shooting Center (one of the facilities for the enforcement of police physical skills’ application) at 9 am, October 25 th, 2013. Both the deputy mayor Hou, yeow-ie of New Taipei city and deputy director Hu, Tai-Yun of Northern region engineering from the Construction and Planning Agency had participated in this ceremony so as to view the opening of the engineering of the new shooting center.

CPU President Hsieh, Shio-Nun addressed that shooting courses must be enforced due to the fast changing of society and the various types of crimes so that the security and safety of the city can be maintained. For now the capacity of the shooting range still lacks in some regards, and a rifle shooting range is also needed. Thanks to the support of various senior officers from all classes, the shooting center is finally able to launch into the construction process.

President Hsieh emphasized his appreciation to deputy mayor Hou for the proposals of “Investigation and forensic science technology building”, “facilities constructions for the enforcement of the physical skills’ application” and “student dormitory building” projects during Hou’s term as CPU president. These three medium-term individual projects are supported by the president Giang, Ee-Hua of Executive Yuan (who was the minister of Interior at that time) and vice president Wu, Duan-Yi (who was the president of Executive Yuan at that time) and was smoothly qualified by Executive Yuan. While president Ma, Yin-Gio hosted the graduation ceremony in June, 2010, he also paid his attention to the progress of those three projects.

Later on, the ceremony began smoothly while teachers and students expressed their expectations to this building with enthusiastic applauses. The shooting center constructed of an area of 9521 square meters (one story underground, five stories above ground), about 2883 plains. The functions of each floor are set to be as follows: basic shooting range, rifle shooting range, police situational computer simulative shooting field, air gun shooting field, multi-functional 3D training field, multi-functional scene-simulative training field, gun fight scene cleanup training section and storeroom of guns, conference room, exhibition room and offices, etc.

After completing this shooting center, it is expected to achieve the following effects: 1. Promotion of the capacity of training for the realistic shooting, educational efficiency and training security. 2. Application of the multi-functional scene-simulative training court in order to train multiple missions status managing. 3. Simulating every kind of scenes which police tasks may encounter; and enforce tactical mission skills and the ability of fighting skills and security concepts. 4. Establishing a storage room which is qualified with safety standards and enforce the storage security. 5. Developing exceptional shooting athletics and raise the ability and performance of competitive shooting. 6. Establish gun exhibition room and promote the quality of shooting education in Central Police University

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