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Professor Lan Hong's speech on "Brain and Study"

publish date : 2012-12-28
Professor Lan Hong's speech on "Brain and Study"


Monthly meeting of Central Police University was held in Chung Cheng Hall, Friday morning, October 5th, 2012. During the meeting, Senior polices medals, and distinguish teachers of last semester are awarded. The awardees include associate professor of Crime Prevention Department Ting-Rong Tsai, lecturer of Police Administration Department Jia-Ching Wu, professor of Forensic Science Department Wei-Dun Chang and professor of Department of General Affairs Li-Shan Lin, with certificate of merits and cash rewards. 

Central Police University also invited Chair Professor Lan Hong, director of Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at National Central University, to deliver a speech of "Brain and Study". The contents of the speech was so diverse and it significantly inspired and left profound impression on all faculty members and students.
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