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The first semester of 2012 academic year "Teaching Symposium"

publish date : 2012-12-04
The "2012 Academic Year First Semester Teaching Symposium " was held on August 30th, 2012, at Lecture Hall . 152 full-time and part-time teachers attended this seminar. President Hsieh started the seminar by delivering a speech, which emphasized the value of communication . He also hopes teachers could cooperate with school policies such as "centralized examination", "inputting grades on schedule", "fair grading system ", "integrated school affairs system".

We also invited Assistant Professor FONG, PEI-JYUN to give a talk on "Act of Gender Equality in Employment", "Act of Gender Equality in Education", "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act", "Campus sexual harassment and assault operating procedure".

The main purpose of this seminar was to inspire our school's educational program and make further preparations by inviting experts to deliver speeches. In order to cope with the faculty evaluation, we try to let every teacher reach a consensus and enhance the ability of our administration team at the same time.

Senior Professor ZHEN, XIAO-LAN (Department of Education, National Normal University) was invited to deliver a speech regarding the above-mentioned evaluation. Professor ZHEN explained clearly that each department's core abilities are formulated by groups. When different opinions were expressed, they would be persuaded until a consensus was reached. Opinions from graduates and entrepreneur should be included so as to resolve individual confusions of teachers. This remarkable speech had gained many favorable responses among the teachers.

President Hsieh thanked Professor Zhen by giving her "the symbol of our school's spirit". Professor WEN, ZHE-YAN, dean of the computer center, explained the newly-established "integrated school affairs system" in a humorous way and guided all the teachers on its procedure. Later on, Assistant Professor FONG, PEI-JYUN presented the procedure of dealing with sexual harassment and assault in campus and explained what kind of situation belongs to such cases as well as the way and the purpose of report cases.

The dean of the academic affair promoted the three school's policies, i.e. "centralized examination", "inputting grades on schedule ", "fair grading system " to all the teachers. If anyone violates the rules, part-time teachers will not be employed next semester and full-time teachers cannot get over-time credits. In addition, he explained several approaches like "using digital TA system", "outstanding teachers' awards", "establishing the class record card system for P.H.D and master degrees". Through these approaches, they will lift our school's education quality.

At the end of the seminar, department meetings were arranged for opinion sharing and communication among teachers .
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