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Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-yuan's speech on "Memo: Taiwan 2030"

publish date : 2012-11-14

A forum for 2011 Central Police University alumni was held on September 6 ~7, 2012. The forum aims to understand work related issues they had encountered and to strengthen the correct working attitude in serving the citizen. Minister Lee arrived at CPU on September 6 afternoon and delivered a speech on "Memo: Taiwan 2030".

Minister Lee indicated that Central Police University alumni are important leaders in police administration, fire agency, immigration agency, coast guard administration, agency of corrections. CPU alumni are responsible for people's life and property safety. Aside from fulfilling our own professional knowledge, we should also pay attention to the problems the society and the development of the country will encounter.

Minister Lee also mentioned that humankind is facing situations such as increased population, food production, over-exploitation of forests and fish, extinction of species, water shortage and pollutions, energy shortage, infectious disease, climate changes, poverty, financial crises, international confliction, etc. Taiwan can't afford sit on the sidelines. It is very challenging to find our way under the circumstance and everyone has to make their best efforts.

As to the development of Taipei, Minister Lee pointed out that we need to learn from the other international cities like Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, and not just from other domestic cities in Taiwan. The Ministry of the Interior is currently estimating land capability of Taiwan by using parameters like possible disaster and water resource, so as to calculate a decent number of populations in each area.

Minister uses his past experience on solving the high-speed railway's land subsidence problem while he was the minister of public construction commission. After four coordination meetings, he decided to shut down many public wells under the condition that the affection of living is minimized. Minister pointed out that in order for relative departments to cooperate, one needs to do a necessary preparation, clarify the problems, and make acceptable solving proposal. Then, this issues which exist over 20 years can be solved to ensure the safety of the Taiwan high speed railway.

Minister Lee also said to solve flood controlling issues, territorial planning is a better policy than applying advanced engineering technique. Due to the unpredictable climate factors, the best way to prevent disaster is to organize our country's land. The most important part of territorial planning is the change of the public values.

In addition, Minister Lee also declared some brilliant analyses on family planning policy and immigration caring. Relative departments like national immigration agency and child welfare bureau are actively planning to solve the problem of talents out-flowing, population aging, and new immigrates' cultural adaption difficulties. He used an example of the Xinzhuang's Jhong-Gang Drainage Channel when he was the deputy mayor of the New Taipei City. He explained throughout the lecture on how he changed the conception of the citizen and made everyone willing to participate the reconstruction work by listening and talking to the residents.

For the rescue and disaster-prevention, Minister Lee praised warmly to the fire agency in finishing the makings of 7836 disaster prevention maps which helps every central and local city, county, village, and tribe so they can make an early prevention and evacuation. It helps people to successfully escape by following the guided safe way. He also mentioned further that software systems play more important roles than hardware in disaster prevention. Prevention is the best rescue policy; local governments should put more efforts than the central government. In that way, we can effectively prevent disaster and recue the citizen. Minister Lee particularly looked forward to CPU to have the most professional education on disaster prevention and rescue.

Finally, Minister Lee shared problem solving attitude with these law enforcement newbies: positive thinking, out-of-box thinking, and keeping dialogue. He believes everyone can successfully find their way out.

Minister's professional and impressive speech had won the applause of all the faculties and students. It not only make everyone have a further understanding of the environment and future challenges we are going to face, but also help them to provides all kind of services to people and promote the disaster prevention works.

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